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2016 A+DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 Dearborn Portocol Adapter New Released CNH DPA 5 For Multi-Brand Heavy Truck heavyduty No Bluetooth

US $311.44  /   Piece 0Sold

Min.Order: 5   Pieces Specification:  (5.00KG) /   Piece Stock in: China

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500 US $311.44 /   Piece 5.00 kg
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Product Code 1320269343
Sales Mode   Piece
Packing Weight 5.00(KG)
Packing Size 62.00*56.00*53.00 (cm)
Inventory Status In Stock
Ships within 2 Days
Product DPA 5  
Price best price  
Version Update via online  
Type DPA5 DPA 5  
Make For GM   For Mazda   For Audi   For Peugeot   For Toyota   For Opel   For Honda   For ISUZU   For Volvo   For KIA   For Benz   DPA5 DPA 5   For Porsche   For BMW   For VW   For Nissan   For Renault   For Chevrolet   For Ford   For Lexus   For Citroen  
Model DPA5 DPA 5  
Support DPA5 DPA 5  
Languages English   Italian   Russian   DPA5 DPA 5  
Power W  
Voltage V  
Origin China


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