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    RITC 729 Friendship LEGEND Medium Pips-Out Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Rubber With Sponge

    US $20.08  /   Piece 0Sold

    Min.Order: 5   Pieces Specification:  (0.10KG) /   Piece Stock in: China

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    Specification Stocks Price Weight Quantity
    Red 1.9mm 500 US $20.08 /   Piece 0.10 kg
    Black 1.9mm 500 US $20.08 /   Piece 0.10 kg
    Black 1.7mm 500 US $20.08 /   Piece 0.10 kg
    Red 1.7mm 500 US $20.08 /   Piece 0.10 kg
    Click Here for More Function Attributes Total Price: US  $0.00 Total Weight: 0.00 kg


    Product Code 1320212683
    Sales Mode   Piece
    Packing Weight 0.10(KG)
    Packing Size 17.00*17.00*1.00 (cm)
    Inventory Status In Stock
    Ships within 15 Days
    Pimples Half Long Pimples Out  
    Store number FD0004042  
    Origin China


    Legend 105 is a new concept sandwich rubber made of raw rubber and sponge. Which breaks through the speed bottleneck of the traditional raw rubber while maintaining its sinking and diversity characteristics. It will bring you unprecedented performance with the offensive from elasticity, explosive power, speed , and strength. It is particular suitable for those attacking players.


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