DHgate Held a Speech in Beijing Union University(4)
Wang shutong, the CEO of DHgate (Dhport), held a cordial exchange on innovation and business with students of Beijing Union University on December 12th.
The speech began in a packed auditorium with a great atmosphere. With hopes and worries toward business and future, more than 2000 students listened to the speech.
If Wang does not keep her initial determination in mind, many experiences of starting a business can change her a lot. Because of her perseverance, DHgate also persists its initial determination, which is to stimulate global trade and help realizing entrepreneurial dreams. Wang said: “I am not so aggressive. The only thing I want to do is to do it extremely well.”
After the speech, a student share his thought with friends: “When I learned about Ms. Wang’s experiences from her speech, I began to get down to my study. I once thought that I am good enough, which now seems immature and uncomprehensive. If one does not have his own strength, experience and substantial plan, even he succeed in several programs, he never gain success in his own career. Therefore, I have to get down to my study now.”
What the student thought is the epitome of the thoughts of 2000 students. We believe that this exchange can really show the ways to students of Beijing Union University to help them get out of trouble and to encourage them to do what they to do.
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