Online Wholesale as a New Procurement Model will Lead the New Foreign Trade Mark(3)
Online wholesale is a one-stop platform aimed to wholesaling and online transactions for suppliers, which supports express, airlift and other logistics mode of transportation, meeting  the demand of a variety of procurement in international trade, creating online wholesale center of China products in global purchase all over the world.
The traditional trade pattern is broken with the development of the internet economy, more and more small and medium-sized wholesalers go into foreign trade market by foreign online shopping platform, such as EBay and Amazon, bring a lot of small orders to Chinese suppliers. These wholesalers is accustomed to easy and convenient online transactions, the amount of each purchase is not big but highly frequency, so there is a big problem that how to condense a number of small orders. Without doubt, the generation of online wholesale is the best solution to this problem, so some online wholesale market arises at the historic moment, and Dhport is a representative.

DHport is one of the online wholesale platform in China, online wholesale supplier release products in the platform, as long as easily set the minimum quantity for wholesale, sales price and the logistics cost. Buyers can directly online place order and online payment, not only reduce the loss of orders in business communication, at the same time, online trading can effectively avoid payment risk the traditional trade. Online wholesale can reduces the transaction costs between buyers and sellers, promoting trade fast and smooth.
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