Top online shopping in China, a prevailing trend of present and future(8)
    The number of top online shopping has increased rapidly in recent years in China. According to the statistics, the sum of business transaction online shopping is up to 3 trillion in 2014, increase by 48.7%. It’s difficult to predict the data in the future. Do you want to contribute to the above data? You are out if not.
    Chinese online shopping websites are becoming bigger and bigger in order to meet the needs of online shopping, which attract shoppers all over the world. Top online shopping has less limitation to the country and the race. Chinese shoppers choose foreign online shopping websites because of the new style and high quality. On the contrary, goods on Chinese online shopping websites are commercialized because of cheap/free shipping. Specifically, many domestic manufacturers set up E-commerce platform specifically for cross-border business in order to comply with the trend and seize more market share. DHport is one of the excellent websites, which buyers distribute to 230 countries and regions in the global. Mainly concentrated on North America, Europe and Australia and other developing countries, buyers groups are mainly retailer and wholesalers abroad. Obviously, DHport caught the historic opportunity of the cross-border top online shopping, which can go further and further in the future.

    No matter who you are, buyer or seller, top online shopping can become your choice if you want to keep up with the trend of times.
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