President Xi Witness Cross-Border Electricity Contract(3)
President Xi Witness Cross-Border Electricity Contract between Chinese and Turkish, DHgate is the Carrier
Attention! Under the witness of Jinping and Turkish President "about strengthening the construction of the silk road online, 50 e-commerce cooperation memorandum of understanding ", signed in Turkey of Beijing time 15 in the morning. Diane initiated and led to the first state-level cross-border electricity bilateral agreement.
The cooperation have great significance for DHgate. First, promoting the development of Chinese cross-border electricity, increasing volumes and overseas buyers. Second, bring Turkey's small and medium-sized enterprises in, helping them to sell to all over the world. Third, Turkey is strong partner, increasing efficiency of local promotion, display and union execution.

One Belt and One Road is the national strategy, we put forward to build an online silk road 10 years ago, now is the country needs to our moment, we're always leads the way, And contribute to China's first bilateral business cooperation. DHgate represents an industry, on behalf of a country, will promote more bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the international arena, our influence in global cross-border electricity is more and more highlighted.

Diane said, today we are in the background of the global Internet + and B&R, Asia Pacific, Europe, and even more countries can achieve interconnectivity, cross-border electricity bear the core role and mission in promoting the region economic transformation and upgrading. After the signing of memorandum, DHgate will be concrete implementation cross-border electric business platform construction of Chinese and Turkish.

In 2015, Diane as vice President of small and medium-sized enterprise group in the G20 business summit (B20), and she actively promote the development of electricity, and contribute to the B20 electricity as a formal agenda, the G20 countries such as Russia, Australia, the European Union is very hope docking cross-border electric business platform in China, to participate in the building of the silk road online. She said the Chinese cross-border electric business platform walk in the front after 10 years of accumulation. DHgate network cross-border electricity as the world's leading B2B trading platform, has realized the 120 suppliers, 33 million kinds of goods online, covering 230 countries and regions of the world's 10 million buyers.
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