DHpay smart trade route updates, reducing payment cost of DHgate(3)
DHpay is a third party payment platform that is powered by DHgate.com. DHpay has been processing billions of online transactions for DHgate.com since 2010. As a payment platform, DHpay plays an important role in providing secure, fast and easy payment methods for buyers and sellers - covering 224 countries, with 4 million subscribers and rising. DHpay is fast becoming a global online payment platform solution for all businesses.
DHpay consists of a powerful Risk Detection System - guaranteeing complete security when it comes to your online payment transactions and information. We also provide the fastest and the safest trading environment to our merchant’s individual e-commerce websites.
Since June, under the premise of maintaining payment success rate and controlling risk factors, DHpay, focusing on reducing overall payment cost of the platform, updates its smart trade route. In DHpay system, there are 5 route supporting payment through Visa and master-card credit cards. On the basis of dealing success rate, trading rate level, settlement currency and other factors,   DHpay smart trade route distributes buyers’ credit card payment requests to suitable route.
After updating, DHpay smart trade route distributes buyers’ credit card payment requests to suitable route basing on these new conditions: transaction amount, credit card issuing bank and trading countries. DHpay smart trade route takes advantage of various route and flexible route choosing to reduce overall payment cost.
Next, DHpay plans to enhance communication with partners to gain a better grasp of the industry. DHpay is going to devote itself to multi-currency acquiring projects, local-currency acquiring project and mobile end payment program.
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