Christmas in China, More and More Chinese Celebrate Christmas(3)
Christmas in China, which originally belonging to the western festival, began “Do in Rome as Rome does”. Christmas in China is full of festival atmosphere. You can see Christmas tree in different poses and with different decoration. Waiters dress red dress and wear white beard like Santa Claus, saying "Merry Christmas" greetings. Western restaurants bring special "warm" "romantic" theme, which is to win the young lovers sought.
The tradition of Christmas in China is still very short, but as China has absorbed and has used for other foreign customs for centuries, Christmas in China has become a Chinese characteristic.
            Picture 1: During Christmas in China, Santa Claus are distributing gifts to Chinese children.
The characteristics of Christmas in China are sometimes fascinating, sometimes confusing. For example, in the Eve of Christmas in China, giving a kind of gift called "safety fruit" is popular in the young. Safety fruit is apple, the reason for the name is that apple’s Chinese pronunciation is the same as the Chinese name of Christmas Eve. This custom is only popular in china.

Chinese treat Christmas in China is more like a Saint Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day. That is to say, it is a festival to make people happy. People go out to meet friends or lover, not to spend time with their family like westerners. The typical way to celebrate Christmas in China is to watch movies, sing songs or go shopping. Christmas Eve is an important shopping period of the year. Young couples always regard it as a romantic day. Skiing park and amusement parks are popular resorts.

However, even though the government has allowed more commercial Christmas in China since 1990s to begin to flourish, Chinese Christians who want to have a western style Christmas will be bound to be bound. No matter whether it was intentional, it makes the Christian character be cast into the shade, and dilute the religious connotation. In a sense, the more popular Christmas in China, the less the Christian character.
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