Diamond ring represents true love and also is a good collection(3)
The diamond ring can let you associate many romantic words, such as engagement, marriage and gift. I dare say that few women don't like diamond ring, which represent invincible, you're worth it.
Diamond ring is more and more popular in china, and become the third largest consumption hot spots after gold, platinum. The potential of jewelry market is very large, especially married diamond ring has a lot of room to grow. There are 1.5 million people a year get married in china, and buying a diamond ring is becoming a fashion when married.
Diamond ring choosing is a complex process. As we know, diamond selection has "4C" principles: the cutting, color, clarity, and carat weight, which is the key point factor to identify the diamond quality and value. Carat was considered to be the decisive measure of value of diamonds. In fact, diamond cutting, color and clarity, and weight is also important for diamond value. A poor cutting process, yellow color and flawed 2 carats of diamonds is much lower than the value of a perfect cutting, transparent and pure diamond. Therefore, the weight of the diamond is not main factors decide the value of the diamond.
In addition to considering the properties of the diamond itself, we also need to consider its design style, because most good diamond is collectable, classic design is more helpful in diamond ring to rise.
Diamond ring is a luxury, you must be careful and consider various factors when buy it, several need attention matters enumerated above for everyone hope to be helpful to you when buy a diamond ring.
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