Christmas Cards, Bring Blessings to Faraway Friends(4)
More and more people like to DIY Christmas cards to send friends, especially those who are far away. You design these Christmas cards and take action to do them by your own rather than buying in the shop. Homemade Christmas cards have a more personal and intimate touch, and they show that you took the time to craft these cards, instead of picking them up in the shop.
Draw Christmas cards by children is the most popular with no doubt, the premise is you have kids. Their printing art could serve as wonderful Christmas cards design. To make these cards, just take some plain cardstock paper, and ask your child to draw some Christmas scenes on the front. If you want to create many cards for your friends, just take your child's drawing and use a scanner to digitize the image. Use photo editing software to manipulate the image to your liking, and then print as many copies as you need on nice cardstock or stiff paper.
Take photo as Christmas cards are another good idea about Christmas gifts send far away friends.
This is especially fun for families and couples. First, make some handmade signs for you to hold up in the pictures. If there is a photo booth near your home, go there to take some pictures, or just use a digital camera and photo editing software. Next, print out as many as you need, put them in envelopes, and then send them off.
The easiest way to make charismas card is using wrapping paper and other types of patterned paper. You can put together several types of patterned paper to give it a unique look. Though DIY Christmas cards is very easy, some people are too busy to do them by hand, they prefer buy them online or in the shop, there are many kinds of Christmas cards in DHport.
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