What is a good brand of game controller for game players?(5)
Game controller is a good helper for personal game. You can’t avoid using it when playing computer games. Game controller will bring players a different game experience and a better gameplay. Many computer game enthusiasts do not like online games, but in their spare time they would love to enjoy a good personal game of their own. How can PC game player choose a good game controller?
The Xbox360 game controller is the most ideal to play PC game. It is known that the Xbox360 is Microsoft game console. Its handle can also be used for PC, which is simple and convenient, plug and play. Nowadays most PC games supports Xbox360 perfectly, when insert the game controller, the tip keys inside the game will change to the corresponding keys of game controller. To recognize whether a game supports Xbox360, just look for the GameForWindows icon on the cover.

In the purchase of game controller, Xbox360 game controller is divided into two kinds of cable and wireless, both in the PC terminal the compatibility are good. The wireless game controller needs to buy a receiver, but also requires two regular AA batteries.

In addition to the use of the Xbox360 game controller, PS3 game controller can also be used in the PC terminal, but the game it support is less than Xbox360, it need to simulate software and mapping software to play games.

The Asura TE is a new game controller recently listed, follows the basic characteristics of the Xbox360 game controller, while it uses the lithium battery which is lighter and more practical. The use is very convenient, it will be recognize when inserted into the computer directly. The cost performance is higher than Xbox360, it is a good choice for a PC game player.
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