Remember Three Factors When Purchasing a Suitable Smart Watch(3)
Smart watch quickly attracted many people because of its unique advantages. As smart watches are becoming more and more popular, may be it is the time for you to consider buy a smart watch, but since there are so many types of the smart watch on the market, so it may be difficult for you to decide which one is the right device for you.
The function of smart watch, mostly about notifications and alerts. Any good smart watch will alert you to incoming calls, emails and text messages with a quick buzz of your wrist, which can help you discreetly check whether it's worth answering right away. But you should also look for social network integration for notifications from sites like Facebook and Twitter. Be sure that you'll be able to quickly check all of your most recent notifications on your smart watch.
Some smart watches offer more customization options. For example, lets you decide which notifications come through to your wrist by using the Gear Manager app on your phone. There's also a Smart Relay feature. Just picking up your phone with the notification displayed on your smart watch will open the corresponding app on the larger screen.
Smart watch category is very young, some models offer dozens or even hundreds of apps. For example, The Apple smart watch has the most impressive app roster thus far, with more than 3,500 options available. Hope you consider a variety of factors such as price, appearance, function, finally get their satisfaction of intelligence when buying smart watch.
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