Gaming Mouse: Things You Need to Know before Buying It(3)
Most gamers prefer to use a gaming mouse, when it comes to playing PC games. Unlike the conventional PC mouse, a gaming mouse delivers greater accuracy and boasts an ergonomic design that lends itself well to extended use. Choosing the best gaming mouse isn’t easy these days!  They come in different shapes and forms and offer different features.
This is often a heated point of discussion about buying corded gaming mouse or wireless gaming mouse. Wireless gaming mice are great for reducing the tangle of wires on your desk, but their reliance on radio waves to transmit the signal to the receiver does add an element of delay (or lag) to the cursor response. However, if you really want the absolute fastest response then you should stick to a corded mouse.
The heart of a gaming mouse is its sensor, of which there are two basic types – laser and optical. The laser sensor is probably the most common, and a big advantage is that it is capable of working on almost any surface. However, a laser gaming mouse tend to have a higher lift-off distance than an optical gaming mouse, which causes problems when the mouse reaches the edge of your mousemat. This is why many professional gamers choose an optical mouse over laser and always play on a quality mousemat to ensure the optical sensor accurately reads the surface.
One thing that makes a good gaming mouse is the ability to take a pounding. The frantic action of a FPS can lead to some considerable forces being applied to the mouse and its buttons, and this will eventually lead to some sort of failure. Gaming mouse is built to withstand more punishment than bog standard mice, but even then some of the more ‘enthusiastic’ players can destroy a mouse within a few months.
The final thing to consider is that choosing a gaming mouse can be a very personal decision. We all have different aesthetic tastes, and that will influence your decision. You might love the flashy lighting on a Razer mouse, or you might prefer the more functional appearance of a Logitech. Either way, your taste will have some bearing on the decision you make, and may lead other gamers to choose completely different mice.
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