IPhone Screen Replacement, Teach You Become Professional of Repairing(3)
iPhone screen replacement rather than replace the entire phone when dropping your iPhone and the outer screen of your phone did not survive the trip down, avoid the high cost of  iPhone screen replacement or pay a little to repair the screen when you can do the job yourself for much less. And then your phone will look better than ever.
Prepare for iPhone screen replacement. Considering the safe side, you'd better back up your phone's data to your computer. The first step of iPhone screen replacement is disassemble the iPhone, find a flat, clean surface for best work. Firstly, you should remove the connector cable cover. Then remove the iPhone camera and detach the cables before iPhone screen replacement, secondly, remove the vibration motor. Locate a round white sticker hiding a screw. Lastly, remove the sticker and the screw in order to take out the motherboard.
You can do iPhone screen replacement after remove all should be removed, of course, the part of phone replacement is the most important. Press your new panel onto the frame, using the 10 screws to connect the two pieces. Remove any stickers or labels from the new screen. Check around the frame and ensure the new screen connects perfectly and there are no loose spots or gaps. Reassemble the phone after iPhone screen replacement. You should pay attention to the details when reassemble the phone, especially to which screw goes where.
IPhone screen replacement may be not easy as you image, perhaps there are many problems in the process of iPhone screen replacement. If you don’t believe that you can do it by yourself, you’d better go to Apple store and find the professionals.
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