Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Buying Guide: Shopping for the Right Pair of Headp(31)
Wireless Bluetooth headphones lead the next evolution in headphone technology. If your smartphone is with Bluetooth, the obvious benefit is that you can get rid of the wires snaking from your backpack, purse, or pocket using wireless Bluetooth headphones. After testing various wireless Bluetooth headphones, we write this guide to help you.
The MOVE Wireless Bluetooth headphones came out on top because of two factors. First, they sound truly great for the price (though if sound quality is your top priority, our luxury pick may be a better choice). Secondly, they work well: the MOVE Wireless Bluetooth headphones have easy-to-use-and-understand controls and are comfortable on your head.

If you absolutely want to spend as little money as possible on wireless Bluetooth headphones, you should consider the $25 Kinivo BTH240. To be honest, this wireless Bluetooth headphones don’t sound nearly as good as the Jabra or any of our other top picks. But they’re only $25, and they don’t sound terrible, either.
If you’re in need of an in-cable remote or want a little more bass, we’d still recommend this wireless Bluetooth headphone: the Jabra Revo Wireless. We still love their warm, app-adjustable sound, easy-to-use touch controls, comfort, and long battery life. The pluses this wireless Bluetooth headphone have over both the MOVE and the E40BT that including audio cable with a single button remote and mic.

Our suggestion is not only basing on extensive research but also some of the other top professional reviewers on wireless Bluetooth headphones. We’ve spent more than a decade in and out of business of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Therefore, you can trust our advice.
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