Cellphone cleaning, four steps make your cellphone smooth(6)
Cellphone cleaning is a problem concerned by many people because the cellphone can produce a lot of garbage after we used after a long time, but we are afraid to take action, deleting some useful file. So is there any way we can make our phone deleted useless files at the same time does not affect our use of mobile phones? Here is a way teach you to do cellphone cleaning.
Memory card of cellphone cleaning. Our mobile phones will become very block When running too many programs, unexpectedly it will even appear crash when running process terminated again, this is we need to clean up the background of the program. The first method of cellphone cleaning is through the clear management application, which is the original way, but very effective.
Cache files of cellphone cleaning. Mobile phone generate cache files anytime, we should do cellphone cleaning regularly to ensure that our cell phone ran smoothly. At the same time to save our memory space. Manually enter the Settings. Click Settings - management application - PM program - click on the following clear data.
Remove the residual and empty folder of cellphone cleaning. Cellphone can produce a lot of the folders after a period of time. Here is a simple way to clean up. Open the optimization master - rubbish - 360 system. Then 360 optimization master will scan for us now empty folder, we click clean up. We should pay attention to when cleaning, some programs are protected, if you want to clean up it into setting unchecking.
Every steps of cellphone cleaning have done, but the situation of block have not a big improvement. It is a pity that you have to buy a new cellphone. DHport launch phone promotion for DHday, welcome to purchase.
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