Earphones Choosing, Better Headphones for More Wonderful Music(4)
Earphones choosing is necessary for some music lover. Earphones is a symbol of the portable audio, you can listen to the sound alone and don’t worried affect others.  The price of earphones have a big different in the brand and quality, but more expansive is not better.  Suitable earphones choosing should judge from general use, sound quality, sensitivity, comfort, durability and so on.
Earphones choosing according to use. You can trend to choosing earphones-mounted, electromagnetic device earphones if you want to use it for studying and listening to the news, middle-grade earphone for enjoying music, if enjoy high quality music, should choose high-fidelity headphones, such as capacitive headphones. Wireless headphones are convenient for use, other radio headphones, can listen to the program.

Earphones choosing according to sound quality and sensitivity. Sound quality of earphones choosing is more important than its technical performance. Headset for different people have different feeling due to the shape of the head and ears are different, so recommended only for reference, only listen to the voice you can really feel the headphones. Sensitivity is the level of sensitivity, the Walkman headphones, sensitivity is best at around 100 dB/mW or higher.
Earphones choosing according to comfort and durability. The comfort level of the earphones is very important, a pair of headphones can't be too tight nor too loose, should be used for a long time. Durability is very important in the portable audio and professional field, portable stereo headphones comparatively is light s, easy to be damaged; Line of professional headphones move frequently, easy to breaking and snap, so require the manufacture of earphones choosing is very strong, and components are easy to repair and replacement.
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