Cellphone repairing, keep your mobile phone from water damage(4)
Cellphone repairing is a terrible thing that you don't want to encounter any way in the process of cellphone using, but there will always be some times let your beloved phone accidentally received damage, such as water damage. Cellphone repairing is so expansive in the professional repairing shop than you may buy a new one, in fact, some small trouble you can do yourselves, just should remember these tips.
Water damage of cellphone repairing is very common. It’s dangerous that your phone fallen into the toilet if your phone without waterproof cover. If water damage happen, do cellphone repairing in a timely manner, you should immediately remove cell phone from the water, shut down to prevent motherboard short-circuit burn out quickly. Take out the SIM card, remove the mobile phone sets, and clean the fuselage inside and outside the water with a paper towel or cloth.
Mild water damage does not need special cellphone repairing, you just need to package the fuselage with paper towel wrapped up, put into the bag at the same time in a small bag of desiccant (food) in attached. Do not put it in a high temperature environment, also cannot use hair drier, doing so will damage the internal components. Waits until there is no fog, it is better to put for half a day, take it out and natural response to room temperature.
Cellphone repairing in time can make your phone run normally, but inevitably affect the daily use, so you can buy a mobile phone waterproof membrane to protect the cell phone. If your phone have not waterproof membrane and toughened protection film, welcome to choose and buy in DHport.
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