Top 3 tips to extend the life of your cellphone battery(3)
How to extend the life of cellphone battery is a problem confused many people. Some simple changes and a few new habits can ensure that the cellphone battery meets the demands of everyday life. Learning to properly care for and extend the life of the cellphone battery is important to maintaining optimum performance.
Adjusting screen brightness to extend the life of cellphone battery. The brighter the screen is, the more power it requires. Dimming the screen brightness is one way to reduce cellphone battery drain. Auto-brightness automatically adjusts screen brightness according to ambient light levels. To find the auto-brightness and dimming feature, go to settings and choose brightness, and then wallpaper.
Adjusting use of location services and Wi-Fi and airplane mode to extend the life of cellphone battery. Apps utilize location services and drain cellphone battery life, so turning off location services for apps increases battery life. Wi-Fi uses less battery power to send and receive data than a data service does. Using Wi-Fi when available improves cellphone battery life. To turn on Wi-Fi when a network is available, go to settings, hit Wi-Fi, and log on to a network.
Adjusting data settings to extend the life of cellphone battery. The cellphone battery mostly is a Li-ion battery, and adjusting the settings and monitoring certain usage habits extends battery life. Push notifications and fetch data settings significantly increase cellphone battery drain if left unchecked. Turning off the push notification alerts saves battery life. To disable apps that utilize push notifications, go to settings, choose notifications, and then turn off the alerts.
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