Smart phone choice, not just iPhone(4)
Smart phone choice is vast if you don't want use iPhones. Sony Xperia devices, HTC, Samsung, and many other brands, and the list goes on and on. We decided to take a look at some of the smart phone choice that are available for those who are not interested in using an iPhone. Here are a few that made it to DHport.
Smart phone choice about operating system. If you love the Windows Phone operating system and want something that is big and powerful, then you'll want to check out the HUAWEI. The 32 GB version is available for around $300. Smart phone choice without iPhone is cheaper, which is big, bright, and well built. It has a powerful camera that will make you happy to leave your point and shoot at home. If you prefer something smaller, then you should check out the HTC 8X Windows Phone; it is available for under $150, cheaper.
Smart phone choice of Android device. The HTC ONE M8 is Carly's current smart phone choice, which has a big beautiful screen and stereo speakers. The curved metal body is body is beautiful. It not only looks phenomenal but it feels fantastic in your hand. If the full size M8 is too big for you, then you should take a look at the slightly smaller HTC ONE (M7).
Smart phone choice about use. It's difficult to think about the Sony Xperia Ultra as phone. But the smart phone choice is diversification, don’t be fooled however, this is still a smartphone that runs smartphone applications and makes phone calls. The smart phone choice can also be a table.
Although smart phone choice is vast, you can also make a right decision according to operating system, use, appearance and other factors. You can also refer around friends their evaluation of different smart phone choice.
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