Spy Camera, No Embarrassment Photographed in Public Any More(4)
Spy camera is a hidden camera, ensure that you can take any photos you want unnoticed. Spy camera first invented in the nineteenth century, the use is single and mainly for the war. Spy camera have been greatly improved until now, and applied in many fields.
Picture 1: Spy camera is a hidden camera.

Spy camera's development and the development of film technology are inseparable, the volume of a camera can is smaller and smaller under the breakthrough of photographic technology. The first wooden spy camera in the world debut at the French. During the American civil war, the probability of photography used as a spy tool is very low, because the photographer must stand still for a long time to take a photo, so it is impossible to spy hidden cameras.

A spy camera in a suitcase took the picture of the Pearl Harbor, providing the most direct reference for the Japanese naval aviation. This is a lens of the film "Pearl Harbor", in the Second World War and the cold war, are the most frequent period of espionage. To get the most confidential information and photos, a compact design spy camera is the key to complete the task.

A powerful spy camera was created as agent’s photo tool during the cold war. Most of these cameras were shipped to the United States when after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This camera as an industrial spy tool to be used in large quantities after a long time, but this camera is hard to be found today.

Spy camera is gradually becoming less restricted by conditions along with the development of the time and the progress of technology, is almost can be taken any photos you want in the case of unknown anywhere at any time. But the spy camera take photos under the condition of the people do not know, so they may be involved in the behavior of the infringement of privacy, so everybody should be careful to use spy camera.
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