Progressive Power Bank(4)
The emergence of power bank eases the problem of power shortage of smart terminals. The characteristics of power bank is easy to carry and move, which bring great convenience to us. What follows in the passage is the introduction of three kind of power bank, which are different from the traditional ones.
The split – superimposed type power bank is composed of several energy block absorbed together. Split – superimposed type power bank is not only novel and unique, but also interesting. Each energy block has a 2600mAh nominal power, which can be superimposed together to expand the total power capacity to meet the needs of users of different power needs.

Built-in charging cable type power bank don’t want the charging cable any more. To the user, power bank is in addition to being able to charge for digital products, but also to pursue the portability. So generated built-in charging cable type power bank with a built-in charging cable, which make the user no longer in trouble of missing the charging cable and the transfer head.

Wireless charging power bank is not required USB lines, nor the power cable connected to the socket, so user can carry this kind to charge for digital products everywhere. Wireless charging power bank combines the capabilities of power supply and wireless charger. Because the wireless charging requires a sender and receiver, therefore the wireless charging power bank is installed a sender on the basis of normal one. The phone which will be in charged must be supported by wireless charging.

With the development of power bank, the user has not only satisfied with the charging function, more users pursue security and personality. Designers of power bank will consider the design from environmental protection, art, portable and other aspects. The further personalize adjustment of the market, will once again give the power bank industry new design ideas.
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