Bluetooth Speaker is not Just Convenient(5)
Bluetooth speaker is given priority to with portable speaker, appearance is usually relatively small and portable, Bluetooth speaker is gradually accepted by consumer because of its convenient and applicability, which work with nearly all smartphones and many Android tablets, as well as all iPhones and iPads.
Bluetooth speaker is accepted by more and more people, but how to choose a suitable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a problem, the following will provide you with a few suggestions for reference. First, the battery capacity is big and waterproof is a very important consideration, outdoor sports inevitably encounter rain, knock against and other unexpected conditions, so the characteristics of waterproof and shockproof are important;
Second, many people don't pay attention to the chip of Bluetooth speaker, which is also important. The chip is related to the performance of the product stability, the stand and quality, CSR chip is good so far, on the contrary, you’d better not buy the kind of Bluetooth and card speaker because that kind of multi-functional chip is very poor. Final tip is about the portability and versatility, a good Bluetooth speaker can best meet the portability, and using many different environment, such as: climbing, beach camping, cycling, walking, household use, etc. It is perfect that all is available.
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