Cellphone cable, teach you three methods to purchase it(3)
Cellphone cable also known as USB data cable, used to connect to the computer or charger. Generally, there are few dedicated cable, and common is universal can be used to a variety of mobile phone models, most used up to 30-40 different types of mobile phones.
Cellphone cable purchasing should consider many factors, the biggest key is the price, and in fact this is the biggest mistake. Just mentioned, cellphone cable is divided into domestic brands and domestic unlicensed points according to the manufacturer, the quality of some no brand cable is poor, so find a good distributor is the key to buying a high quality cable.

Generally, more powerful cellphone cable distributors is the guarantee of quality, because they don't want sold cable to be returned or exchanged. Good seller trend to cooperate with famous reputable manufacturer, the manufacturer general failure rate of 1%, on the contrary, some bad manufacturer failure rate up to 30%. This is why the same type cable have a big different in price.

Buying the same cellphone cable in different sellers enjoyed different price and service, high prices may include free testing, technical consulting, download, free replacement, installation guide and a series of services.
Cellphone cable is not the pure price of line, and technical and after-sales service content inside, so we always firmly believe that goods should worth its price, low price and service always can't balance.
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