Cellphone Portable Charger Choosing Tips(4)
Enter the cellphone portable charger. These things come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and configurations, and they all promise to keep your devices juiced up when there’s no free wall socket to be found. But how do you find the best cellphone portable charger in a category swimming with seemingly identical bricks? Are they are the same, or should you be shopping around?
When considering a cellphone portable charger, you’ll need to be prepared to make a compromise between capacity – how much juice the charger provides – and portability. More capacity always means bigger, heavier batteries. You can buy a monster-sized cellphone portable charger capable of charging your power-hungry tablet once or twice. But, if you just need the ability to keep your low-draw smartphone going long enough until you can get to a wall outlet, then most pocket-friendly cellphone portable chargers should suit you just fine.
Whenever possible, buy a cellphone portable charger with chips. The best cellphone portable chargers will employ a simple integrated circuit, or IC, to help ensure the safest, best possible charge delivery. These chips are able to recognize the state of the device battery that is being charged and change the charger’s behavior accordingly. Cellphone portable charger with these chips can help extent your cellphone battery’s life.
Most cellphone portable chargers will come with some charging cables, though since they all function off USB, you can always use the charging cables you already own. Still, if you’re going to get new cables, they might as well suit your needs. Check out the cable length to see if the cellphone portable charger offers short cables (best for purses and pockets) or longer cables (ideal for desktop charging).
Of course, it's just one suggestion out of hundreds about cellphone portable chargers. But before you spend money on a cellphone portable charger, I urge you to crunch the battery numbers and make sure you buy one that can accommodate your existing mobile gear.
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