Phone charger, whether the universal charger is the best?(3)
Phone charger have different types, including travel charger, seat charger, USB charger and maintain charger, as well as the latest phone protector charger. When purchasing the mobile phone charger you should pay attention to the following:
Phone charger purchasing should pay attention to brand, choosing productions of normal manufacture. Because even professionals, it is difficult to accurately judge the quality and performance of the phone charger from the charger appearance. Although the price of some famous brand production is slightly higher, but the circuit design and the components selected are formal science, so the charging efficiency is more ideal.

In general, phone charger with "CQC" mark is security guarantees. Then phone charger should adapted to your mobile phone. Mobile phone charger generally has two types: one is charging machine, another is charging the battery. You should know clearly the type of battery, capacity and nominal voltage before buying, so that the battery adaptation of phone charger.

Phone charger indicated the use of the specifications, the output voltage, output current and other technical parameters. Conditional allowed, test the charger output no-load voltage and the output short circuit current value, whether the actual data in accordance with the standard technical parameters.

Different brands phone charger can be general, if the interface, the output voltage and current are the same. Mixed have no effect in theory, but most people have no concept about the output current, easy to mistake. It is recommended to use the original and resolutely avoid using fake and shoddy charger.
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