Christmas lights, light up your Christmas season(3)
Christmas lights are an essential part of a colorful holiday. They have many sizes, colors and shapes. We can choose the different Christmas lights to decorate indoor and outdoor, making the season looks warmer and more beautiful.
Strip Christmas lights are universal, which can be used to decorate outdoor and indoor environments, also can decorate Christmas trees. These strip Christmas lights are available with as few as 25 bulbs and as many as 200. Clips for Christmas lights allow the strings to be attached easily to roofing, gutters, or trim on the outside of a home.
There are several types of bulbs used on Christmas lights, ranging from very small, pointed lights to large, globe-shaped products. C-bulbs are the traditional Christmas lights for trees, posts, staircases, and railings, and the strands are loaded with small lights. Unlike stings, which feature bulbs hanging from a cord, rope lights are set inside flexible plastic tubes to make the entire strand appear as though it's glowing.
Some Christmas lights are designed as nets with evenly spaced bulbs. These are ideal for bushes that are difficult to wrap with strands or ropes and can save considerable amounts of time during setup. Simply drape the net over a bush for an organized arrangement of lights. Just begin to decorate your Christmas with Christmas lights.
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