Strip Light Make Every Corner of the World Colorful(4)
Strip lights is named for its shape like a belt, currently is a kind of new products instead of neon light on the market, which is convenient installation and applicable to any accessible surface. High performance waterproof design make strip light be applied to automobile decoration, lighting signs, advertising signs, wine, jewelry cabinets, places of entertainment and other decorative lighting.
There are flexible LED lamp belt and LED hard light two kinds of strip light, and also including the old lamp connected with wire. The difference of strip light quality is very big, the price of it is also different in normal manufacturer and counterfeit products factory. We can make preliminary identification come up from the appearance, including the quality of FPC, the purity of the LED light surface, Packaging, label and accessories. In addition to the quality problem, selecting article strip lights also need to consider the different characteristics adapt to the different occasions, including brightness, color and waterproof performance. The design of LED strip lights are mainly think about environmental requirements, to build a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to foil scene effect, make the person feel the scene atmosphere.
The invention of the strip light make the night more colorful, more wonderful nightlife of people.
So you can rushed to buy strip light to decorate anywhere you want.
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