Three Mistakes You Should Avoid When Use Hair Straightener(4)
According to some of our friends in the hair world, there are concerns about at-home straightening with your own hair straightener. After all, you're clamping your precious, pretty hair with a hair straightener that's at the temperature required to bake a whole pizza! To help you upgrade your game, we asked them exactly what we're doing wrong... and how to fix it. Read on to see how you score.
1. You're using hair straightener in the shower. Let's get one thing clear: no shampoo or conditioner will give you straight hair. But hair care items labeled "smoothing" may be able to help prepare the strands for the process by providing major moisture. You should take a paddle brush to comb the conditioner through, and then rinse your hair gently. Once you're out of the shower and towel you hair, you can use the hair straightener.
2. Use your hair straightener with sizzle. If you see steam or you hear the sizzle, stop using hair straightener and evaluate the situation. Hair should be bone dry when you straighten. If you're certain that the hair is dry, it could be that product build-up is the culprit. You should avoid applying anything to dry hair, which is what makes straightening different than curling.
3. You cranked up the temperature of hair straightener. The 450-degree setting of hair straightener was designed specifically for in-salon. It wasn't meant for consumers. But now, everyone can use it, which makes the at-home process faster. Obviously, this comes at the expense of your hair's health. Coarse hair does need a higher heat, but fine hair and especially damaged or color-treated hair should stay in the safe zone of 300 to 350 degrees.
Using a hair straightener at home is quite easy in recent times, only if you are cautious to avoid mentioned mistakes. Modern technologies have come up with some trendiest flat iron straighteners that are user-friendly in nature. Now, you do not anymore require visiting a salon when dreaming for stylish straight hair. You can just check out on and buy a satisfying hair straightener.
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