Hair wefts, just a few steps make you completely change the style(4)

Hair weft can make you change your style as frequently as you want by taking the clips in and out of your hair. Many people find that making their own hair extensions saves both time and money over traditional sewn-in weaves done at a salon.
Hair weft Purchasing is the first and important step. Make sure the weft is similar to your own hair's texture. Buying an extension that is the color you desire also is important if you do not plan to dye the weft. Choose an appropriate length, too. Although you can cut the weft to the length you desire, it's easier to just purchase one that is the length you prefer.

Hair weft need to be combed just like your own hair. Combing through the hair weft first prevents problems with snarls as you work with the hair. Then sew or cut a piece of hair to match the width of your weft clip. Your packages of hair weft clips can contain many different width sizes to work with. You can create a customized look by combining several weft clips together to make a wider hair extension. Lay the weft clip on a flat surface. The front of the clip should face you. You'll know you have it right if the clip is convex to the surface and you can see a bar across the comb.

Hair weft extension need a strip of thread about 12 inches long. Beading thread is best. Sew each side of the hair weft onto the weft clip. Dye the hair weft according to your preference. You can do the whole piece or just apply strips of color throughout. Let the color sit on the hair weft for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the dyed hair weft in warm water and allow to dry. Last step, you’re ready to put them in!
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