Purchasing Wine Rack: Three Factors Should Be Taken into Account(4)
Choosing a satisfying wine rack to store wine can be a tricky ordeal. You want to make your bottles accessible but also protect them. Aside from those who have a dedicated wine cellar or fridge, everyone needs a good wine rack to store their vino. It’s time to get those bottles of wine out of their dusty boxes and displayed in the house, because we all need easier access to wine.
The location of the wine rack is more important than the design of the wine rack. Look around your home for a dark, quiet place with a constant temperature and no vibration. If you choose a wine rack, it is preferable to choose one that is on a north wall. A North wall rarely receives direct sunlight, thus the heating of the storage space in the summer is reduced.
When buying wine racks, it is common to see its "bottle capacity" in regards to size. Bottle capacity refers to the number of slots the wine rack has for bottles. When considering what size of wine rack you need, don't forget to take into account whether your wine collection is likely to grow in the next few years. If so, you may want to purchase a rack that offers the ability to add units or modules so that you can increase the size of your rack as your collection grows.
To keep the wines safe, wine racks should be constructed from a sturdy material which won't bend or warp under the weight of the wine bottles. Wood is the most common material used for collector wine racks because it is least likely to damage the wine labels. Wooden wine racks are also good for humidity control in wine cellars. Wood has a classic look and can come in various finishes.
Some wine rack designs are more than just storage, and are very active participant’s in a room’s aesthetic. With some creative design, a wine rack can change from being something that takes up storage space, to an eye-catching decoration.
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