Hanging Wallpaper, Please Follow the Three Preparation Tips(3)
Preparation for hanging wallpaper: To successfully hang your wallpaper and make sure it adheres well, please follow these preparation tips, tools and materials of hanging wallpaper you need include: drop cloths, paint tray, paint roller handle and sleeve, wallpaper sizing, and other tools, which is the basis of hanging wallpaper.
Step 1. Clear the room before hanging wallpaper: If you have old wallpaper that needs removing, see How to Remove Wallpaper. Before you begin, remove everything possible from the room in case for next hanging wallpaper. All furniture kept in the room should be moved into piles near the center and covered with drop cloths. Cover the floor or carpet with drop cloths to protect from spills when hanging wallpaper.
Step 2. Paint the trim and ceiling if necessary for hanging wallpaper. Do this before hanging wallpaper so that you don’t get paint on the wallpaper. It doesn’t matter if you paint onto the wall when painting trim or the ceiling because the wallpaper will cover any painting imperfections. Give the paint about a week to dry before you begin hanging wallpaper.
Step 3 of hanging wallpaper. Fill all cracks and holes until they are smooth and coat them with interior primer and let it dry completely. Then apply a coat of wallpaper sizing to the wall if necessary. It is inexpensive and makes a better surface to hang wallpaper on. If you are not sure whether your walls need sizing or not, it is best to do it because it is quick and makes hanging wallpaper easier.
Hanging wallpaper is a difficult task, requiring you should be very patient and seriously. In addition to the above preparations, you may be also encountered many problems when hanging wallpaper, and even may be twice done. But you will feel pleased after your room is complete.
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