Rustic Christmas ornament create a country look of your home(3)
If you love that country look, some rustic Christmas ornaments can bring it home for the holidays.
If you’ve always loved the rustic look, and you want to add a bit of comfy country to your Christmas decorating this year, this is definitely the list of Christmas ornaments for you. You can easily DIY all of these looks, and create a holiday décor that is sure to give off a feeling of warmth, family, and love.
If you had these adorable wooden nativity Christmas ornaments on your tree, you would instantly raise your rustic appeal. These Christmas ornaments are made with wooden clothespins, rustic in their own right, and they’re really easy to put together. This is definitely a project you’ll want to let the kids help you with. You can make one or make a dozen, they’re easy so you’ll absolutely want to do several for the tree and maybe one for the wreath, too.
The easiest Christmas ornament is tree topper. Among all kinds of Christmas ornaments, a burlap bow gives you great rustic look you want. You can do so much with burlap! Go into any hobby or craft store and you’ll find burlap that is wired like traditional bow material. Then just tie up a bow and place it right there on top of your tree. You get an inexpensive and really elegant tree topper, and one that fits perfectly with your country Christmas theme.
Jingle bell Christmas ornaments are loved by many people! They’re easy to make, which rates them number one in my book, and they are so adorable, you’re going to want several of them gracing your tree. You could actually do these Christmas ornaments in various sizes if you want and use them to decorate the porch as well. Your local craft store should have everything you need to make them.
Whether you just love red and green Christmas ornaments, or you prefer all white, there is something in this list that is sure to fit the bill. According to the list of rustic Christmas ornaments, from burlap ribbons (you remember that great burlap post, right?) and wreaths to decorating with fresh evergreens, you just can’t go wrong when you go rustic.
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