Leather jacket maintenance: just three steps can make your leather jacket looks (5)
Leather jacket maintenance is a problem concerned by many people, because leather can wear for many years, it’s a pity that you have to throw away an expensive and satisfied leather jacket because there is no good leather jacket maintenance. Here are some tips for leather jacket maintenance:
Leather jacket maintenance need auxiliary product if you want to do it at home. There are many "leather protector" or "leather waterproofing" products, but read the label carefully before buying.
You’d better use a leather cleaning product that matches your type of leather, ideally leather jacket maintenance product manufactured by the same company that made your jacket.

Cleaning is the second steps of leather jacket maintenance. If your leather jacket has been left in the closet for a while, it may need dusting. To avoid scuffing or damaging the leather, use a dry cotton cloth, or camel hair brush. If the above methods do not remove a stain from your jacket, take it to a dry cleaner that specifically advertises leather jacket maintenance.

Storing is the third steps of leather jacket maintenance. Hang on a padded clothes hanger. Avoid using clothes pegs. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Direct sunlight can fade the leather's color or cause spotty discoloration. Heat can cause dryness and cracking, so store the jacket in a cool location away from heating vents and other heat sources.

About leather jacket maintenance, in addition to focus on a maintenance, be careful if you want to wear, don't touch water, dirty words timely clean, do not wash with water. you need to wear clean and put your leather up for the next time when season change.
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