Three Steps Teach You How to Clean Eiderdown Quilt(5)
Eiderdown quilt is the necessity of daily life in the winter, and normally eiderdown quilt can be used for many years, but there is a problem bothering you about how to clean up it. Let me tell you some methods of eiderdown quilt washing.

Firstly the eiderdown quilt had better put on a quilt cover before using, because that you can directly clean the quilt cover instead of the eiderdown quilt, after all, it is not convenient  to clean the quilt because of large and heavy. At present, you have to wash the quilt if you have used. You will find it is easy to cleaning.

The method of hand washing is the most reasonable for eiderdown quilt, because it can avoid the harm from machine washing or dry cleaning. Another important point is the water temperature, should not above 30°, the normal water temperature is that you touch the water by hand and feel not cold in winter, the temperature too high can cause damage to eiderdown quilt, thus affecting its warmth and fluffy.

Specific washing method of eiderdown quilt: if you have a large home wash tub, put directly the quilt in and soaking, liquid detergent choose professional wash down jacket, if not common laundry detergent, can choose household detergent. You can use soft brush in the process of washing, then rinse clean, finally can use semi-automatic washing machine dehydration, because hard to twist by hand.
The last step of eiderdown quilt washing is make the feather back to fluffy form the same as before washing. When the eiderdown quilt almost dry, or stick with the hand gently pat quilt, make internal down distribution uniformity and fluffy. You're done, it is very complicated, in fact just a few steps to reach it.
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