Three Pretty Kitchen Cabinet Color to Make Your Kitchen Shine(4)
When thinking of renovating the kitchen cabinet, most of us think of tried-and-true design choices: wood or white cabinets, granite or quartz countertops, basic or stainless steel finishes. But when you start exploring your options and thinking outside of the box, you’ll find the most drool worthy kitchens cabinet are colorful, unexpected and designed with a range of materials and hues. Here, we recommend three color to you to make your kitchen shine.
The first kitchen cabinet color is sunny yellow. Like a ray of sunshine, yellow is the color of optimism and cheerfulness. It is even known to stimulate appetites, which make it one of the best choice for kitchen cabinet. It’s a fantastic color to brighten any kitchen, especially dark or small spaces. Regardless of what shade of yellow you choose, embrace your new happy vibe by accessorizing with a fresh bowl of lemons or a beautiful bouquet of daffodils.
Sophisticated Navy is also a good kitchen cabinet color for those who like modern style. Always sophisticated and serene, navy is an unexpected trend in today’s kitchen cabinet color ideas. Like a sleek, dark suit with a crisp white shirt and brown shoes, navy cabinets are gorgeous with white and wood finishes. Accents of gray or gold add another layer of drama in the form of hardware and lighting fixtures.
Another color making your kitchen cabinet look modern is magnificent metallic. Adding a little glitz to your kitchen is easier than you think. Since a little bling goes a long way, metallic accents in brass, silver or copper can be inexpensive and will definitely make a surprising and unique statement. For kitchen cabinets, replacing chrome hardware with brass pieces can turn ordinary cabinets into extraordinary. Follow up with brass accessories, such as a teakettle or rimmed plates and drinkware.
If you’re like most people, your kitchen cabinets take up the most visible space in your kitchen. That’s great when they’re in good color; but if they aren’t as beautiful as they could be, you can follow our advice to choose the color of kitchen cabinet on DHport. Correct color will surely make your kitchen shine and give you a good mood when cooking.
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