7pcs Nylon Kitchen Tools, brighten your kitchen Life(4)
7pcs Nylon kitchen tools is a new landscape in the kitchen.The kitchen tools’ color is bright like rainbow,they have small volume and easy to clean,which has become the essential tool of modern kitchen.
7pcs Nylon kitchen tools including normal shovel,frying shovel,soup spoon,rice spoon,noodle spoon,colander,and a shelf which hang up all the kitchen tools.The appearance of nylon kitchen tools are streamlined,which suitable for grasping in hand,and very convenient for cooking.

Nylon kitchen tools and non-stick pans are very good collocation.Nylon kitchen tools will not scratch the surface of the non-stick pans coatings.Nylon kitchen tools use food specific heat resistant material,which is safe and will not produce harmful toxins and strange smell.

You need to pay attention to using nylon kitchen tools.When you are using nylon kitchen tools for cooking,you should put nylon kitchen tools out of the pot after stiring,do not always put them in the pot,or the head of the nylon kitchen tools will melt.Nylon kitchen tools can bear the high temperature of 240 degrees, but in the bottom of the pot which directly contacted with fire,the temperature will be more than 240 degrees,it will destroy the nylon kitchen tools.

7 pcs Nylon kitchen tools with other pans,pots,bowls,basins,spoons play happy rhythm together in the kitchen.Fashion colors,red,orange,yellow,green,blue like rainbows,which are the color of 7 pcs nylon kitchen tools.Hanging nylon kitchen tools on the shelf,enjoy the joy of cooking.
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