Are Christmas Cards Being Replaced As Social Media Develops?(5)
More and more people are deciding not to send Christmas cards in recent years, as the need to get in touch with far-flung loved ones at the holidays is diminished by social media. In the old days, people like to send Christmas cards to loved ones with Christmas wishes. But in recent years, many people choose a quicker way to send Christmas card - to send Christmas e-cards.
In the past, Stacey Mark, of Cary, has always sorted through photos to find the perfect picture to send with her Christmas card. Like many mothers, she wants her family and friends to see her daughters grow. But Mark said she's ending the tradition this year. "I realized that everyone I want to send Christmas cards to is on my Facebook account, so they've seen all the pictures I've taken all year long," Mark said.

A Pennsylvania market research company has studied the decline in Christmas card sales over the past five years. According to Pam Danzinger, of Unity Marketing in Stevens, Pa., among the people who bought greeting cards, 77 percent bought Christmas cards in 2005. Last year, that number dipped to 62 percent. Danzinger said that social networking sites are one reason for the change, but research found that a growing segment of young people are turning to handwritten notes and cards to keep in touch with people.

However, some people still insist that sending Christmas cards is the best way to sending Christmas wishes to loved ones. "To take the time to write a note, say what you feel and send a card, I think, says a whole lot more than going online," said Jackie Freeman, who sent 150 Christmas cards this year. She was shopping at Lynn's Hallmark in Cary Monday. Lynn's Hallmark manager Sarah Holdman said sending cards at Christmas is a tradition that many still enjoy. "I really think it's just the warm fuzzy that you get when you get a piece of mail that's not a bill," Holdman said. "A lot of people still want to give that at Christmas."

Are Christmas Cards Being Replaced As Social Media Develops? The answer is obvious no. Believe me. When your loved ones receive a Christmas card with your manuscript wishes, he or she can feel your love better than receiving cold and flickering “Merry Christmas” on screen. Therefore, go and send Christmas cards to your family and friends to express your love.
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