Luxury bags retail industry is facing change(4)
The luxury industry have been predicted is going to decline sharply by the professors, but the fate of the luxury bags is different. In the past few years, the sale of luxury bags have increased continuously under many other luxury goods sales have slowed sharply. The growth should thanks to manufacturer sales idea change, start targeting electric business model.
Past sales of luxury bags are mainly concentrated in the store, in recent years, the new life style break up the traditional mode selling. Many big brands are abandoned the single pattern of store sales, began to set up online flagship store, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and other well-known brands are take part in famous electric company, in order to use electric business platform for new sales opportunities. Luxury bags aggressively to expand electronic business, cooperating with and the traditional shop to sale more products. Habits of consumer spending have been changed, luxury bag industry must to meet the new changes in a new way whether the manufacturer or retail, the mode of B2B, M2B, and C2C give a lot of chance to the begin of E-business of luxury bag, the seles of luxury bag must seize the opportunity to innovation.

China is the main market of luxury bags, consumer not only buy luxury bags in overseas tourist, but also are accustomed to using electric business platform, therefore, the cooperation of merchants and cross-border electricity business is the best choice undoubtedly.
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