Why Do You Use Silk Flowers For Your Wedding?(3)
Some brides choose to go with silk flowers, which are made of silk or a blend of similar fabrics, and others prefer preserved flowers, which are real flowers that are dried to preserve their beauty. Tsz Ling recommends brides look into silk flowers for their big day, because she doesn’t think fresh flowers are suitable for the weather in Hong Kong.
The tradition of making silk flowers began in China, home of the silkworm. The practice then spread to France and Italy, and eventually throughout the world. “I like making the silk flower bouquets because I use lots of different flowers,” says Tsz Ling. With silk flowers, you are able to use a wide variety of flowers that may be expensive or hard to find in fresh form.
Silk flowers are typically less expensive than using fresh flowers, which make them a good choice for budget savvy brides. Silk flowers can also be rented, which is a great option since you will really only need them for a day or two. Be sure to shop around to make sure you are getting satisfactory quality flowers, and compare prices at several different vendors before making a purchase.
The only real downside to using silk flowers as opposed to real ones is that you will lose the pleasant fragrance and ‘wow factor’ of using real flowers. However, real flowers are not very practical for many brides, especially if you want to focus on other aspects of your celebration. Silk flowers are two great choices that you can surely consider!
Silk flowers created all of these stunning designs, helping real brides to keep costs down and beat the hot weather. And silk flowers also mean that you can keep your bouquet, buttonholes and posies forever, making them a great gift idea as well as stunning wedding decorations. “My bouquet is now hanging proudly in my newborn daughter’s nursery and will feature in my home decor for some time! It’s a lovely reminder of our day and the style will stay in fashion for a good while I believe.” A bride said.
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