When Putting on Mascara Three Mistakes You May Make(5)
Putting on mascara is the last step for everyday making up, as well as the crucial steps to make your eyes looked brighter. However, do you think that you use your mascara correctly every day? If you want a perfect makeup with lengthening eyelashes, you should notice to avoid the following three mistakes that you may make.
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Mistake NO.1: do not curl the upper eyelashes with the eyelash curler before putting on mascara. It is wrong that many girls is too lazy to skip the eyelash-curling step and put on mascara directly. It will make your eyelashes looked not long enough. What’s more, it may be harmful for your eyelashes.

Mistake NO.2: brush eyelashes with mascara for too many times. When putting on mascara, it is wrong to brush eyelashes to many times, which will not lengthen you eyelashes. Instead, it will make mascara solidify on your eyelashes, making your makeup looked dirty. You should brush your eyelashes like a Z, which will make your eyelashes long and clean.

Mistake NO.3: use up your mascara. Using up your mascara itself is not a big deal, but what you should notice is that the expiration date for which is only three month after opened. Because the liquid in mascara will easily encourage the growth of bacteria, which may cause eye illness. Therefore, you should drop one after 3 month using whether it is use up or not.

Putting on mascara perfectly need practice. When practicing, you should pay attention to avoid the mistakes mentioned. Remember, choose a right mascara and practice, then you will have a pair of bright and charming eyes.
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