Electronic Cigarettes and cross-border trading is the perfect combination. Electronic cigarettes, just as its name implies, is substitute for traditional tobacco, can deliver nicotine and mitigate tobacco withdrawal and are used by many smokers to assist quit attempts.
    Electronic cigarettes originated in China but are more popular abroad.There are many electronic cigarettes manufacturers in china, these products, in addition to be sold in the domestic market; is exported mostly to the US, Dutch, British, Czech, Denmark, Canada and other countries, where electronic cigarette is not restricted. Another way of sales of electronic cigarettes is through cross-border trading, these online website include DHport, which is a new business model between manufacturers and business. The big advantage of electronic cigarettes sold in the platform is the LOW PRICE, without any agency fees. You can try to expand overseas business through the DHport platform if you are a Chinese manufacturer who produces electronic cigarettes. Of course, you can also buy electronic cigarettes if you are a foreign retailer from DHport. Definitely, the combination of electronic cigarettes and cross-border trading is win-win.

     In recent years, the domestic market has great potentiality with the change of the traditional Chinese thought. China will become a big market of the electronic cigarette based on many of the population in China; DHport will not just be a cross-border trader, but also E-business leader all over the world.
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