Electric Cigarette is the Gap Between Fashion and Conservative(4)

Electric cigarette has become a so hot prevailing trend that many smokers are willing to try it. Just in the last 5 years, sales of Electric cigarette have doubled, tripled, and then some. At the same time, there are a lot of criticism about Electric cigarette, some experts carried out the research, so let's look at the results of the study.
Electric cigarette though simply haven't been researched as thoroughly, mainly due to the fact they're so new, at least relatively speaking. However, a few studies have been done to examine Electric cigarettes in a variety of ways as time passes and alternative smoking technology further development, more studies will provide a better picture of both the medical and environmental effects of Electric cigarettes.

One research in this study was compare Electric cigarette emissions to traditional cigarettes. What they found was that electric cigarette produced very small exposures to potentially hazardous substances, especially when compared to traditional cigarettes. They concluded that Electric cigarettes pose no apparent risk to bystanders. That is to say, Electric cigarette significantly reduced emissions of secondhand smoke.

Electric cigarettes have been examined scientifically is how they affect the heart and lungs. According to Dr. Farsalinos' statements, "Electric cigarettes are not a healthy habit, but they are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes." This study though only examined immediate effects on the heart, so more research is needed on the long-term effects.

Electric cigarette was compared with traditional cigarette, we found that Electric cigarettes have great advantage in the aspect of health and the environmental. So there is the possible that Electric cigarette completely replace traditional smoke.
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