The Strength of Electronic Cigarettes against Traditional Smoke(4)
Traditional Smoke is a certain historical plants that is well known and famous. Nowadays, Electronic Cigarettes is hold with science and technology and it has smoke elements of effect too. A lot of people who hold Electronic Cigarettes gradually think it is new health products.
Electronic cigarettes is a new type of electronic products, it has the same appearance with traditional smoke and the same taste like traditional smoke. It can absorb the same smog, produce the same taste and feel. But it is not a true smoke, it is by the air sensor switches, intelligent control circuit, intelligent chip, lithium ion battery, high-tech components, and microelectronics traditional smoke has essential difference. Electronic cigarettes has the strength of electronic cigarettes against traditional smoke.  The first comparative advantage is electronic cigarettes is more healthy than traditional smoke. Because compared with traditional smoke, electronic cigarettes contains no tar,carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, propylene aldehyde, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, so it will not cause any injury to smokers. Electronic cigarette would not endanger the health of smokers, it also won't harm to the health of the people around them .The second strength is it has more security than traditional smoke. Because electronic cigarettes doesn’t burn, so it is also not exist a fire hazard. The third one is has the more environmental protection. Electronic cigarettes don't burn and won't produce ash, no secondhand smoke, no cigarette butts, and no electromagnetic wave radiation.

All in all, electronic cigarettes has the special superiority for human healthy, environmental protection, safety. It will lead a new and a fashion life for people. Our website named DHport has a variety of electronic cigarettes with different kinds which will give you a favorable feeling that is better than traditional smoke. If you have interests in our products of electronic cigarettes, please click on  .
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