Electronic Cigarette Atomizer Cleaning: How to Clean your Atomizer Correctly(4)
Electronic cigarette atomizer is one of the main component of electronic cigarette. Cleaning your electronic cigarette atomizer carefully and regularly can help increase the service life of electronic cigarettes. If you want your electronic cigarette atomizer functions effectively, please follow the steps below once a week.
Firstly, please wipe the electronic cigarette atomizer-adapter areas utilizing a lint-free-cloth or tissue. This will get rid of dust particles or moisture from the points linking electronic cigarette atomizer to the battery. Ensuring that these connection points are debris free is crucial since electric current flows through these adapter sites when the electronic cigarette is charging.
Secondly, please soak your electronic cigarette atomizer in a bowl that is filled with alcohol solution for about ten minutes or more. Some individuals will prefer holding fingers above the electronic cigarette atomizer’s holes after soaking & giving it a steady shake. This however rely on the person cleaning it.
Thirdly, proceed to vertically place the electronic cigarette atomizer on the cloth (the-battery side facing-up), when laying the-lint-free-clothe on the table. You may lean it against a solid support base to ensure that it stays upright while drying. The undesired solution will drain out of your electronic cigarette atomizer onto the-lint-free-cloth, allowing your atomizer to dry effectively.
Electronic cigarette atomizer gets dirty easily. Cleaning your electronic cigarette atomizer weekly according to correct steps is crucial, because it can keep your electronic cigarette perform better, create more vapor, and last longer and it can maintain the cost performance of electronic cigarette preferably.
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