Take Care of Your Electronic Cigarette (5)
Like any piece of equipment, sometimes an electronic cigarette needs a little extra TLC to operate at its full potential for longer. For instance, some electronic cigarette smokers start to notice that their vapor isn’t quite as thick or strong as it was in the beginning, or that their battery is malfunctioning.


Fortunately, getting your electronic cigarette back to peak performance may be as simple as giving your device some quick and easy cleaning care. Most models of electronic cigarettes on the market today are a two-piece technology –the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge is made up of two components –the built-in atomizer and the cartridge which holds the e-liquid and delivers it to the user as they inhale through the silicone mouthpiece.
Atomizers and cartridges used to be sold as separate parts, but because of the hassle of keeping the three-piece electronic cigarette clean, most models have combined these components. This virtually eliminates the need for any maintenance on this end of the device. Some electronic cigarette brands go even a step further by providing vapor smokers with already pre-filled cartridges, which means you don’t have to figure out how to properly refill e-liquid or worry about cleaning up afterwards.
Since pre-filled cartridges are disposed of after use, maintenance is not an issue. However, batteries can be reused, so caring for them has a greater effect on getting more out of your electronic cigarette. Much like reusable cartridges, dirt and residue can accumulate where the battery meets the cartridge, so cleaning it with a damp cotton swab every week or so can improve the connection between the electronic cigarette’s two parts and increase the device’s performance.
Some vapor smokers suggest soaking a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol before wiping down the electronic cigarette’s battery. However, this is not recommended unless approved by your electronic cigarette’s manufacturer. Whether you use water or rubbing alcohol, make sure that the battery is completely dry before attempting to reuse it.
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