Scooter Safety, Three Tips Make You Stay Away Dangerous(3)
Scooter safety issues is a big obstacle in the process of scooter cycling. The total number of injuries more than 9400 reported for 2000 so far, among them nearly 90 percent of the injuries are children under age 15.however 60 percent of injuries could have been prevented if proper safety gear had been worn. It is very necessary to popularize the scooter safety knowledge.
Tip one about scooter safety: you should have a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, which are required by law in many states. A small investment to scooter safety goods can instantly eliminate almost 60% of scooter accidents. Children under the age of eight should always be supervised by an adult when using scooters.
Tip two about scooter safety: scooters cycling in a safe places. Keep scooters and children out of streets - Especially high traffic areas. Choose cycling scooter safety areas that have smooth, paved surfaces and try to avoid bumpy, uneven, wet or rocky areas. Schoolyards, parks, paved trails are some examples of safe places to use a scooter. When using a scooter on sidewalks, be especially careful for pedestrians, who always have the right of way.  Please note that it is illegal to use scooters on sidewalks in Florida.
Tip three about scooter safety: should not ride a scooter at night and observe the basic rules of the road anywhere you use scooters. As visibility diminishes, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate a scooter. When it is dark out, there are just too many things that can easily upset your scooter and cause you to fall. Therefore, no one should ride scooters at night to guarantee scooter safety. As scooters can travel as fast as many other types of vehicles, they too must observe the rules of the road, remember the rules can make sure your scooter safety.
The most important about scooter safety is the scooters themselves are safe. You should check all joints, hinges and quick releases to ensure the scooter is properly assembled and maintain proper air pressure in the tires. You also should read scooter safety tips like this article.
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