How to choose a satisfying scooter from three aspects(7)
    Scooter choosing arises people’s attention recently since scooter is more and more popular in recent years. When choosing scooters, what factors should customers take into consideration? We will give customers some practical suggestions to help you to choose scooters from three aspects.   

    Battery.The first consideration on scooter choosing lies on battery choosing. Lead batteries and lithium batteries are both generously used in scooters. More scooter manufactories tend to use lead batteries. However we suggest you to choose scooters with lithium batteries since they are lighter and have longer service life than lead batteries.

    Weight. The second consideration on scooter choosing lies on battery choosing. Scooter should be as light as possible for users to bring, especially for female users. Many scooters is portable after being folded. When choosing scooter, we encourage you to take it into consideration.

    Speed. When choosing scooters, you may pay attention to scooters’ speed. The speed of scooter should not be too high, since high speed may bring danger. However scooter may be not practical if the speed of it is too low. Therefore, you are encourage to choose scooters with the speed of 20km/h.

    What are listed above are our suggestions for your scooter choosing. We hope that these tips are helpful for you. However, when choosing scooter, you may also take account of your requests and economic conditions. Wish you a pleasant shopping experience.

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