Scooter- a new scenery on the road(6)
Scooter- a new scenery on the road

Scooter is a new generation transportation of energy-saving and environmental protection, which is very convenient for short-distance transport, the perfect substitute for bus and subway.

Jamaican Usain Bolt arrived in Beijing on August 15, who cycle scooter in an interview at the airport, rushing the love of people for the scooter to the climax. Scooter is popular for many people, no matter children or the old people, the age from teenager to 40s. Students go to school and workers go to work by scooter because of saving time and convenient. Especially, the road is so crowded that most of the time will be wasted in the road when rush hour. There is no doubt that the invention of the scooter is conform to the trend and meet the real needs of the masses people.
People give praise to the scooter, keywords include Intelligence, science, revolution, environmental protection, fashion, freedom, and legend. It is believe that the scooter will be more and more common in China in the near future. Scooter is popular in foreign countries for many years. In China, the user is mostly concentrated in big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai.

At present, the domestic manufacture of the scooter more are exported abroad in addition to meet the domestic demand, there is a lot of stores to sell the scooter on cross-border site, such as DHport website, no matter who you are, fashion people, scooter manufacturer or retail, You can go to the DHport to see what you care about scooter.

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