Scooter trick, three basic tricks make you become the focus of watching(6)
Scooter trick is dangerous and strange for beginners. Nowadays, more and more people in the city want to choose the scooter as transportation tool to go to work, however, others scooter lovers more for entertainment. They begin to practice all kind of tricks, 3 basic scooter tricks for the beginner rider.
Scooter trick 1: The bunny hop is a basic trick, and a stepping stone to mastering other more complicated maneuvers. Scooter trick practicing: Lifting the bars of your scooter up with both hands evenly. Next, stand next to your scooter and practicing jumping high. Execution: Begin gliding at a comfortable pace, then, combine the two motions while mounted on top of your scooter in a successful bunny hop, your wheels will leave the ground. Landing, as you land bend your knees slightly to absorb impact.
Scooter trick 2: After mastering the Bunny Hop, you can add this variation to make the trick more complicated. Begin riding and gain some speed on your scooter. Do a bunny hop while holding the handlebars normal style overhand keep both hands on the bars while you? Twist the right side of your handle bar forward and flip it around to the left side. If you keep your left hand on the bars, naturally it will twist the left bar to the right.
Last scooter trick is basically a wheelie on a scooter, in simple terms you lean back and balance on your back wheel while you ride around. This article offers some helpful tips while practicing your scooter trick, test them out and see if they improve your skills.
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